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What are we doing here at TechaTrick, anyway?

You might have already got an idea soon after landing on the website.

Ahead of helping you discover all of us and our mission, we appreciate your fascination with us. Not all people do that, and thanks to you because of that.

Under a case analysis, a lot more than 342 crore people are using world-wide-web, as of November 2016. Pretty enormous, huh? The vast majority of individuals confront predicaments while using the device. The Greater part of people does not find out basic things like how to create a bootable pen drive or the best way to open Facebook when blocked by an administrator. To unravel all those predicaments, we have introduced TechaTrick. TechaTrick is amongst the millions blog that is aiding people from the core. It doesn’t matter regardless of whether you happen to be experienced or not with your respective device – if you have encountered a problem, you can find the perfect solution as outlined by your awareness stage.

The motto of TechaTrick would be to furnish answers of a day to day life complication what people typically experience to execute an individual thing. It can be a mobile, computer or anything else that we use in everyday living.

Here at TechaTrick, we publish news solution of Windows, Android, social media, etc.

If you want to connect with us to get a solution, or just for fun, you can join us on Facebook, Twitter, as well as Google+. If you love to view interesting images, you can follow us on Instagram. If you want to get a quick response, just drop an email at sudipmajhi@hotmail.com.

Sudip Majhi, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

SudipSudip is an avid Windows user, who has been using Windows since early 2004. As of now, he has used from Windows 98 to Windows 10 – each and every version over the past few years. He loves to solve problems related to Windows, Android, etc. He spends more than 10 hours on this blog to make it as useful as possible for an end user. He likes to write about the latest software, Windows features, etc. You can contact him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Dwaipayan Biswas, Co-Founder & Writer

DwaipayanNamely assure Dwaipayan Biswas, who is a master’s degree student. Be a newly pedestrian of this website. He is a writer in day and reader by night. he is in the work with mainly raspberry pi & Adriano Uno software (IDE) connected with computer OS like Windows and Linux and also with mobile os like iOS and Android. Catch him on Google+, Twitter, and Instagram.

Swaraj Roy, Writer

SwarajSwaraj is a system admin by profession at a very reputed company based in Kolkata, India. Apart from that, he loves to write various tech tutorials, explore new gadgets, etc. He mainly works at the night because he loves to spend the day with his friends, family, pet, and cars. You can talk to Swaraj on Facebook.

Jyoti Gupta, Writer

JyotiBeing a traveler, she has traveled in various cities across the world including Bern, Hamburg, Madikeri, and many more. Regarding her internet lifestyle, she works as a ghost-writer on various news publications. On TechaTrick, she loves to write tech explanations, software reviews, and how-to guides. You can catch her on Facebook.

Apart from Sudip, Dwaipayan, and Swaraj, there are many other writers, who write featured articles. As of now, those names are hidden due to some security reasons. We will publish as soon as possible.

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