How to open Facebook when blocked in office, college, and school

As Facebook is considered the finest social media website and it ingests plenty of time of people, many network administrators often impede this site to acquire more and escalate the productivity of the people working somewhere. How to open Facebook when blocked in office, college, and school – this is probably the most conventional issue, which is talked over on all the online forums. Network administrators prohibit Facebook access to augment the productivity of the employees. Having said that, sometimes, we need to access websites those are blocked and not accessible from the computer in front of us.

These days, Facebook has become one of the most efficient sources of communications, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. There are numerous people who use Facebook to communicate with friends, family member, employees, etc. Nonetheless, some networks often create a problem by blocking Facebook. Consequently, if you would like to go on Facebook when it is blocked in office, school, and college, you can check the following workarounds.

Open Facebook when it is blocked in office

Different network administrators utilize distinct methods to block Facebook in office, school, and college. Hence it is quite hard to come by specific strategy what has been used to prevent users to using Facebook. If you possible could guess the tactic, it is possible to open Facebook when it is blocked by server or network administrator. However, if you cannot, do follow these tutorials to get on Facebook site in office, school, or college.

Get on Facebook on blocked by administrator

  • Check Facebook is up or not

This is imperative to verify regardless of whether Facebook is running or not. If you are getting an error while opening Facebook for a long time, then this is sure that someone has blocked Facebook. However, if you are getting it for a little span of time, then you should check whether Facebook is up or not. Sometimes, we spend much time to find out the problem when there is no problem at all. The same scenario can happen during this time as well. Therefore, you should check this out. There is a website called, which will let you know whether Facebook is running or not. It will check your host and some other host to determine if a website is up or not.

There is yet another method to test the same. Press Win + R, type ping -t and hit enter. If you find the ping consistently, then the Facebook website is running. However, if you get any problem like ping loss, then there is a change that Facebook is temporarily under routine maintenance.

  • Check Host file to unblock Facebook when it is blocked

Host file technique is one of the most common things what network administrators use to block Facebook in office, school, and college. Every operating system has a dedicated host file, and there are different ways to open Host file on Windows. This host file helps users to block unwanted outgoing and incoming routes. Therefore, your Facebook website can be blocked using host file. To solve this problem, do follow this guide.

Windows: At first, open the host file. By default, some folder may be hidden in your PC. Therefore, go to File Explorer Options from Control Panel and unhide all the hidden files. Then open Notepad with administrator privilege. After that, open host file by navigating through the following path,


If you get anything related to Facebook, just select and delete that. Don’t forget to save your file. Otherwise, it won’t work.

If you are using Linux or Mac, open Terminal and enter the following command,

$ sudo nano /etc/hosts

It will directly open host file. If you get anything that is related to Facebook, just remove that. Following that, hit the Cmd + O to save the file again. It should solve your problem.

  • Create proxy website with Google App Engine to open blocked Facebook website

This is yet another workaround to open Facebook when it is blocked in office, school or college. Sometimes, network administrators use various software to block Facebook at work, At such times, it is quite difficult to open Facebook in your browser, Therefore, you can create a dedicated proxy website to get on Facebook when it is blocked. If you create your proxy website, your network admin will not able to detect it easily. Therefore, this will be a long-term solution for you. To create a proxy server, you need a server (which is very cheap, nowadays) and Google App Engine. A detailed guide is mentioned on this website.

  • Proxy server for Facebook access

This is just like the solution mentioned above. However, this time you do not have to create a proxy server. You can try dedicated and ready-made proxy those are available on the internet. A proxy website is such a site, which helps users to bypass the current public IP address and let them use a dedicated and different IP address. In this way, you can also open regionally blocked websites like Spotify, Hulu and more. However, this is also possible to access Facebook when it is blocked by the server.

Therefore, if your network administrator has blocked Facebook by your host, you can easily bypass block to open Facebook website. Here are some proxy websites to open Facebook when it is blocked,

  • Access Facebook account using IP address

Like said earlier, a network admin can use various methods including software to block Facebook. If you network admin has used software, then there is a strong chance that he/she has used website URL to block that. However, almost all the websites those use VPS or dedicated server, have a dedicated IP address that is used to open that site unless the site admin has blocked that too. Here you can access Facebook by IP address. It can be changed anytime (mainly if you change the region). Therefore, you can find out the Facebook IP address and open Facebook using IP. TO get Facebooj=k’s IP address and open that when it is blocked, do follow the subsequent steps.

At first, press Win + R, type ping -t, and hit the Enter button. You can find an IP address like this,

How to open Facebook when blocked in office, college, and school

Just enter that in your URL bar. Facebook should be opened immediately.

  • Use mobile to access Facebook in office

Facebook is popular because of many reasons, and one of the reasons is Facebook is accessible from all the devices. Therefore, if you have a mobile with cellular data, you can check your mobile whether if opening or not. If it is opening, you can easily access Facebook account on your mobile.

  • Use mobile internet to get on Facebook in office

If the guide as mentioned earlier is working for you, you can use this workaround as well. However, for that, you must have cellular data on your mobile. Network admins use the host to block various websites. Therefore, if you have a mobile with cellular data, you can create a dedicated mobile hotspot, connect your PC to that network, and access Facebook. No proxy and nothing else is required to get on Facebook when it is blocked.

  • Switch to open DNS or Google DNS

This is quite trick, but some people have claimed it as a solution. Although there is no relation between website blocked and changing DNS, still you can look at this trick. If your ISP is blocking the site, you can simply switch to Open DNS or Google DNS to fix this problem.

Open DNS:

Preferred DNS server:

Alternative DNS server:

Google DNS:

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

You can change the DNS by following steps.

At first, press Win + R, type ncpa.cpl and hit the Enter button. After that, right-click on the Ethernet or Local Area Network, go to “Properties.” Following that, double-click n Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)and change the DNS. This is as simple as said.

  • Use mobile version to open Facebook

If you network administrator has used software to block Facebook, there is a chance that he/she has sued the website URL. However, sometimes, network admins forget to block the mobile version of Facebook. At such moments, you can try or to access Facebook. The mobile version is hosted on an entirely different server. Therefore, you should not get any issue at all.

  • Use VPN extension/add-on in browser

VPN or Virtual Private Network helps users to bypass website blocking. Let’s assume that a site is not available in your country, but you want to that website. At such moments, you can easily use VPN to open Facebook websites. There are various browser extensions those work as a VPN. For example, you can try ZenMate, Hola, etc. to access Facebook when it is blocked. It is very easy to install a browser extension, connect your computer to that VPN and get on Facebook.

  • Use dedicated VPN app

There are plenty of VPN apps those provide unlimited as well as limited bandwidth to access blocked websites. If your PC admin allows installing software, you can simply install any dedicated VPN app to open Facebook website in college, school, and office.

  • Use TOR browser

This is one of the most popular web browsers, which uses VPN. You can always use this web browser for better security on the internet. People use TOR browser to browse the internet anonymously by masking the IP address. Therefore, you can install TOR browser and open Facebook without getting any issue.

  • Use Opera web browser

Just like the TOR browser, you can use VPN in Opera as well. Opera has added VPN in their latest update. Previously, it was included in Opera developers, which was used as a beta version. However, the most recent update of Opera Mini has got the VPN. Therefore, you can turn on VPN in Opera Mini and access Facebook from anywhere. One thing you should note that by default, the VPN is turned OFF. You have to turn it on manually.

  • Open blocked Facebook website using decimal code

This is one of the best solutions, which will let you open blocked Facebook. However, for that, you will have to convert Facebook’s IP address to decimal code. At first get the Facebook IP address by following the 5th solution. After that, open any IP to Decimal converter and enter the IP address. You will get a code like this: 520965667. Therefore, enter http://520965667 in your web browser. This is as simple as said.

  • Check if your browser has suspicious extension

There are many extensions or add-ons to block a website in the browser. If your network admin has installed such program, you cannot access that website – no matter what solution you try to use to solve the problem. Therefore, check if there is any suspicious website blocker or not. If you find something, just delete that. It should solve your problem. immediately.

  • Check Task Manage for suspicious program

Many website blockers are being used by different companies, school, and colleges. Some tools are visible in Task Manager, and some are not. Therefore, if you are fortunate, you can find something suspicious in your Task Manage. So, it would be a good solution to check Task Manager.

  • Use *325# to access Facebook via Fonetwish

This is yet another solution to unlock Facebook in office. This is called Fonetwish. You can get any mobile and try Fonetwish by entering a USSD code called *325#. This is as simple as said. You can do almost anything using this USSD code prompt. However, you may have to spend a few minutes to understand all the features of this trick.

  • Check if HT Employee Monitor is being used or not

HT Employee Monitor is one of the most used software in office, school, and college to block certain apps and websites. No one will know anything about this tool and the Windows Task Manager cannot detect this program even when it runs in the background. The only wat to detect it is by press the keyboard short. The default keyboard shortcut to open HT Employee MInitor Panel is Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Z. However, if your network or PC admin has changed that, you will not get anything by pressing those buttons together.

  • Use Ubuntu to open Facebook in office

If you want to unblock Facebook or anywhere, you can use a live disk of Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution, which will bypass all the restrictions that you have on your computer. No matter, what kind of user account you are using but you can certainly get rid of all the problems and browse the internet without any issue with the help of live Linux disk. The Ubuntu environment is quite different from Windows. However, if you are a techie, you can certainly understand everything. This is very easy to start your computer with Linux Live Disk. However, you should be careful. Otherwise, all the data may be gone within moments.

  • Access Facebook via email when it is blocked in office

There is a third party service called MoDazzle, which will let you access Facebook via email. You just have to send an email with a different subject line. For example, you want to know whether someone has posted something to your wall or not. At such moment, you can just send an email to The subject line must be Self. You will get a reply within moments. For more information, you can check this article on Mashable.

  • Get Facebook notifications in your email inbox

Facebook has many extensions those may help you in different ways. For instance, you can get all kind of notifications to your email account so that you could be updated with all the latest happenings. To turn on email notification on Facebook, just go to Settings >> Notifications. Here, you can find all the options to get Facebook notifications in your email inbox.

  • Open Facebook using cached version

Sometimes all the workarounds as mentioned above may not work for you. However, you can open Facebook when blocked in office, school, and college using the cached version. For that, open or Google search engine in your browser, and search for in your Google search box. Now, click on the Cached after clicking on the arrow (check out the following image).

How to open Facebook when it is blocked by server

For some people, this trick has worked without any issue. However, some people have got “Cookies Required” error. You can try it yourself.

That’s it! Are you getting any problem with the same? Have to solved your issue? Do let us know if you have used anything else apart from these so that we can open the blocked Facebook site.

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