Top 5 web browsers for Android

Android is the operating system developed forward smartphone device by Google, based on Linux design primary for the smartphones as well as tablets which have the largest installed paste for all operating system, which supports much application as well as web browsers to surfing on the internet. Most of us paint our few hours on the Internet wave every day either for fun or work. But first of all, let’s talk about the suitable browsers for our smartphone because it is the software through which we access the Internet. It assists view a website and does activities with them like searching social in watching online movies from YouTube visiting one page to another printer not send an email to our near ones. Going forward, you are about to know about top 5 web browsers for Android. Some of them will let you browse the internet quickly when some of them may let you download faster from the internet.

Top 5 web browsers for Android

Now come to the main point that’s most common browsers in our Internet markets are like.

  • Google Chrome
  • UC Browser
  • Opera Mini
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Dolphin browser

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome top 5 web browsers for Android

If you have not already used Chrome then you are missing out on a lot of great features. There are many reasons why the Chrome is the best. It has an extensive library of extension and add one clean, simple user interface with the lightning speech search quickly on the address bar and only it has the task manager called Google task manager and last the Incognito mode. Although it used to consume a lot of RAM and storage on your mobile, the latest update has brought that down significantly.

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UC Browser:

UC Browser is the most widely used web browser in the India. Do you know why there is some advantage with their UC Browser which is specially working on the demography of India for a marvelous reason like automatic data saving mode, video driving grabbing, view either lite or PC version, the world of advertisement from different places, speed in the Fire. Talking about the appearance, you might not get as good interface as on UC Browser.

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Opera Mini: 

Opera Mini is the most beautiful, innovative browser in the market no matter that you have with a browser in the previous experience. Opera Mini is popular among them, who are still stuck with low data speed – which is common in various countries. This particular browser can provide a better internet browsing speed than Google Chrome or any other browser since it consumes very less bandwidth and on the other hand, it shows minimum styling of a webpage. In other words, you might get distracted by the pages opened by Opera Mini, but you would be happy by seeing the data consumption.

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Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox top 5 web browsers for Android

Many of you asked why we should use Firefox as a default mobile browser where is the symbol of the reason why you use. It is the free open source web browser in the market it has its popup blocking system (this is available in many other browsers, though) terrific browsing speed ideal security, automatic updates, and the last is customized. The add-on repository will certainly upgrade your user experience by 100 times.


Dolphin Brower:

Dolphin browser

Some facts you did not know probably about Dolphin Browser. People try to avoid this browser because of providing a bad speed. However, believe me, you will not get distracted by the speed since it has been upgraded to a new level with few recent updates. Let’s come to the main point that why 10 Million people use Dolphin Browser as their default browser.

Only it has there’s voice enable mode with shaking function to access gesture, more compact friendly, and the look is excellent than the other browsers. It has a browsing score with its point of view and the time you spent on it to surfing. Which can get you more visible to the others and hit you in a popular and the last it give you a complete smoothness.

Download – 

Now it is your choice that which Android browser you are going to use. Personally, I use only “Google Chrome” for the reason of its stability an appearance as well as safety. Hope this tiny article would be helpful for you.

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